Handmade designer jewelry is gaining great popularity. The fair sex is ready to give a decent amount of money for such jewelry. Everyone strives for individuality, because it's nice to feel that only you have this product.

Sometimes the selection of jewelry becomes a very long and complicated process. To speed it up, but at the same time surprise others with an exquisite taste, you should adhere to simple rules.

How does the texture of the fabric affect?

Evening dresses are sewn from various materials: lace, guipure, velvet, silk, etc. This means that a suspension that fits one can look terrible with another garment. It is customary to complement openwork dresses with light and airy accessories, for example, neat necklaces in a romantic style, which can add weightlessness and emphasize the flirtatiousness of the outfit.

Brooches are often made from natural flowers in the form of small wedding bouquets. The bride usually decorates her dress with them. Brooches made of natural flowers are used to create hairstyles. The groom may well attach a small bud to his jacket lapel. If a woman is allowed any brooch in a bright color, a man should be more modest. Even the outfits of guests at the celebration can be decorated with small brooches made of natural flowers.