How to choose a pendant for an evening dress

How does the texture of the fabric affect?

Evening dresses are sewn from various materials: lace, guipure, velvet, silk, etc. This means that a suspension that fits one can look terrible with another garment. It is customary to complement openwork dresses with light and airy accessories, for example, neat necklaces in a romantic style, which can add weightlessness and emphasize the flirtatiousness of the outfit.

A pearl pendant or a string of pearls is ideal for velvet. This option will complement the look and create a luxurious, elegant ensemble.

If guipure was chosen for the evening, you should give preference to a discreet silver chain with a miniature diamond jewelry. If precious stones are not available, then options with rhinestones or crystals are also suitable, because under artificial lighting they will play with all their faces. You can also wear beads, but then you need to rely on the game of contrasts. In this case, the beads should not be too small, or, conversely, too large. In addition, it is worth choosing the correct geometry, that is, a square or a circle.

Silk robes will perfectly complement large beautiful pendants with precious stones or high-quality jewelry. An excellent option would be a necklace "under the throat" made of a large number of rhinestones.

When choosing jewelry, one should proceed from the principle: the stricter the outfit, the more effective the suspension should be. But expressive and pretentious models should not be supplemented with the same accessories. Otherwise, the decoration will draw "attention" to itself, and the outfit will cease to seem so extraordinary. Therefore, the brevity and simplicity of forms in this case will only play into the hands.

The neckline of the dress and the choice of decoration

If the dress has a “U” -shaped neckline, it can be supplemented with a chain no more than 45-50 cm and a small pendant made of precious metal or jewelry.

For a boat neckline, choose short necklaces to avoid overloading your neck. If the outfit is monochrome, there are no unnecessary drawings and details on it, it makes sense to stop the choice on a long chain without bulky pendants.

When a dress has a heart-shaped neckline, you need to emphasize its romance. If you do not wear any jewelry, the image will not be complete. Looking at such a woman, it will seem that something is missing. A short necklace will solve this problem.

For "V" -shaped cuts, suspenders and chains of a similar shape are usually selected. In this case, the depth should have a direct relationship with the length of the chain. Excessively short options will fail here. If you want to wear a necklace, you need to dwell on a medium-length piece of jewelry.

It is customary to emphasize a square cutout with simple suspensions of regular geometric shapes (circle, rectangle, square). In this case, the decoration should not cross the cut line, but occupy its space.

If the choice is made in favor of a closed neck, then a long necklace will be the best option, which will add elegance and completeness to the image.