How to wear jewelry correctly

Handmade designer jewelry is gaining great popularity. The fair sex is ready to give a decent amount of money for such jewelry. Everyone strives for individuality, because it's nice to feel that only you have this product.

Sometimes the selection of jewelry becomes a very long and complicated process. To speed it up, but at the same time surprise others with an exquisite taste, you should adhere to simple rules.

1. We select jewelry for clothes

When choosing jewelry, you need to consider what material your clothes are made of. The denser the fabric, the more massive decoration you can choose. If you are not afraid of bold decisions, then you can easily play on contrasts.

2. Combining colors

This is where fantasy comes in. You can choose jewelry in a color that matches the color of your outfit, its elements, or vice versa, use contrast. The most difficult thing is to choose colors according to the rules of color. However, if you master them, then any of your images will look much more spectacular. For starters, try opposite shades such as purple and yellow, red and green, blue and orange. These colors reinforce each other.

3. Correct the shape

With the help of correctly selected jewelry, you can easily hide figure flaws and emphasize its merits.

  • Ladies with a chubby neck are categorically contraindicated in short necklaces.
  • To hide wide hips, it is enough to emphasize the waistline with a strap.
  • If you need to hide the fullness, give preference to elongated jewelry.
  • Slender girls do not need to abuse massive jewelry and bulky bags. But tall and plump ladies can easily afford it.

4. Brightness of color

Bright decorations attract attention, but you should think about their relevance. Look at yourself in the mirror without jewelry, assess the situation. If it seems to you that something is missing, then bright jewelry will complement your look. If you are already wearing a bright outfit or makeup, then motley jewelry will only spoil the image.

5. The main rule

The code name is "the rule of three". You should not wear more than three pieces of jewelry at the same time, it is considered bad form and is discouraged. There should not be too many jewelry: a ring, brooch and bracelet are enough, or let it be earrings, a ring and a necklace. In any case, there should be no more than three decorations at once. However, do not wear all of the jewelry from one set. There should be no more than two of them. Do not try to demonstrate everything to the public at once.
Many rules are designed to be broken. You have the right to wear jewelry the way you want, to combine even seemingly incongruous. The main thing is that you like your image.