With what to wear brooches made of natural flowers

Brooches are often made from natural flowers in the form of small wedding bouquets. The bride usually decorates her dress with them. Brooches made of natural flowers are used to create hairstyles. The groom may well attach a small bud to his jacket lapel. If a woman is allowed any brooch in a bright color, a man should be more modest. Even the outfits of guests at the celebration can be decorated with small brooches made of natural flowers.

How flower brooches are made

There are many options for creating brooches from natural flowers, but there are quite exquisite ones. For example, living orchids are filled with 24-carat gold using a special technology. This brooch looks luxurious. You can wear it on stylish evening wear, but in a dim color. Gold-plated flower products look great on a dress or a monochromatic women's suit, they contrast perfectly on black fabric. There should be no ornament on the clothes; you should not additionally wear beads, pendants and other decorations. It is such a delicate product that should become the main "highlight" of a woman's outfit.

Natural flowers are often lacquered. In the Soviet Union, this trend was especially popular in the fifties. Now this trend is back in fashion, which is quite justified - even ordinary daisies look great. You can wear such brooches not only with a light summer outfit, but also with an evening dress. Only on a business suit, such jewelry will not look very appropriate.

Dry herbs and flowers are also often poured with varnish, brooches with them are suitable for evening dresses, complement plain cocktail dresses well. There is a technology for creating brooches with plant imprints, for example, on ceramics. At the moment, such jewelry is out of fashion and is rare.

5 basic rules for wearing natural flower brooches

  1. For brooches made of natural flowers, plain dresses are best suited.
  2. A small brooch can be attached to the collar of a sweater or blouse.
  3. There are good examples when the brooch is attached to jeans over the side pockets or directly on them, this is called wearing on the hips.
  4. You can decorate your hat with a brooch made of natural flowers.
  5. It is interesting that such a decoration looks on a scarf, in a peculiar way - on a spider web of light color.

Recently, it has become fashionable to wear discreet, but elegant brooches on gloves. Floral decorations are fine for this.

In addition to the special respect for brooches made of natural flowers, there are other caveats. A flower brooch with varnish, although modest, you should not wear other jewelry with it. This does not only apply to watches and wedding rings. A brooch made of natural flowers can be absolutely lost on variegated fabrics. If this jewelry is placed closer to the face, the attention of others will be focused on it. If you pin the brooch on the lapel, the chest becomes the main object of the demonstration.